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The many comics on this Web-site are only previews of the first comics, there may be numerous language faults, character names, and doujin story lines. For the first Edition, you should purchase the comic if …

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It has been a long time, but I last but not least have completed a completely new comic. This a single is a bit lengthier Fortunately!

The short and sweet snapshots of the blossoming romance concerning two unsuspecting pupils! Full of fluffy interactions amongst lovable (not forgetting handsome!) people, this collection is sure to fulfill your sweet tooth~ (Source: Melon Drop Scans)

and choose it to an area convention. To the surprise, you offer just about every final copy of your cannibalistic Batman comic.

Surly mentor Sudou and his ruffian student Negishi are again! Negishi invitations his new bride out on the day to the summer Pageant, and it is delighted to discover that he reveals up.

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